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Customer Referral Program

Earn a $50 when referring a NEW customer for an equipment install!

When you refer a friend who purchases a new system from us, you will receive $50!

To qualify for our $50 Reward program, the person must purchase a furnace/boiler/air handler, or air conditioner/heat pump/mini-split, or combination, from Federal Elite Heating & Cooling, Inc. The new customer must mention the “Referral Rewards Program” at the time that the estimate is given. The contact information for both parties must be given to the comfort specialist at the time of the consultation. Failure to provide this information at the time of the consultation will void participation in this program. All reward entries are subject to review.

Contact us today at (800) 356-2028 for further information or complete our referral program form.

Earn a $10 Referral Fee when referring a NEW customer for service

When you’ve enjoyed our services tell a friend, family member, or co-worker. Complete our form below by filling out your name and contact information along with your referrals information. When a new customer presents our service team with this form at the time of a new service call we will send you a check for $10!! It’s our way of showing you our appreciation.

 Customer Testimonial

As owners of The Pines of Dresden Bed and Breakfast, our heating and cooling systems are of utmost importance to our business. On Valentine's weekend (our busiest winter weekend) we woke up to a house with no heat and guests arriving shortly. We called Federal and they had it fixed before lunchtime! They have always been so prompt with service calls, and very considerate with notifying us if there is even a short delay. We feel very lucky that there is a company with such expedient service for our area. We highly recommend them for both home and business.

 – Marin An Alli

Customer Referral Form